tunnelling activity

Tunnelling in Dorset

  • 20 participants max
  • Up to 3 hours
  • Equipment supplied: Overalls/boilersuits/caving suits, helmets, torches.

Tunnelling is the navigation through a caving system to stimulate the challenges and features found in natural caves, providing a  fun caving experience and a great activity for all fitness levels. Embark on a fresh adventure with our new activity for 2024!


  • Tunnelling

    3 hours
  • Minimum Age

    7 years old
  • Price

    £35 pp (incl. VAT)


Family-friendly tunnelling in Swanage

Tunnelling is a fun family-friendly activity that combines learning about tales of the past and improving navigational skills, suitable for all ages from 7 years old upwards. Spend 3 hours exploring our man-made caves, for a morning or an afternoon you’ll never forget.

Get your helmet on, prepare your torches and be ready to get dirty and explore the fun tunnelling system we created at our Residential Centre in Swanage! During this fun-filled activity, you’ll take on many mental and physical challenges, and maybe you’ll even come back out victorious! Ready to find out?


Is there a minimum age for tunnelling?

Tunnelling is an exciting and challenging activity for anyone aged 7 years and up.

Do I need to bring any kit with me for tunnelling?

You will need to wear trainers and clothes which can get dirty , however, we do supply full tunnelling kit including overalls, helmet and a head torch.

How long does the tunnelling activity last?

The tunnelling activity session lasts an hour and a half. In this time the participants follow a set of challenges which include teamwork both inside and outside of the tunnels.

How many people can take part in the tunnelling activity?

There is a maximum of 20 participants taking part in the tunnelling activity at any one time.

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