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Urban Orienteering Cumulus Outdoors

Urban Orienteering

Find your way around Swanage town via various tasks and exercises for a day of fun and working together!


The urban orienteering day involves challenges that will be in the form of a fun and stimulating competition. The concept is to allow the team members to get to develop relationships in an informal atmosphere and learn from their experience.
There are five parts to the team day and it will be up to each team to decide which order they undertake the challenges:
1. Urban Orienteering
Find various locations in the area and answer the relevant questions, but you’ll need to prove that you have been to all the locations!
2. Funny Team Tasks
Team challenges for those with a sense of humour and can think outside the box.
3. Candid Photography
Find the locations and answer the questions!
4. Team Activities
The Cumulus Crew will be waiting in-situ to take a team through various team and cerebral challenges.

We have partnered with Love Cake Etc in Swanage, where you will start your day with a coffee, croissant and be handed your packs! From there you will be completing the different challenges and (hopefully) then finish with tea, cake, competition results and a beach team game back at Love Cake!



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