Why health and wellbeing is so important for young people

A young person’s health and wellbeing is influenced by everything around them, including their individual circumstances and the support they get from their family and peers. Wellbeing includes good physical health while also feeling content and happy. A positive sense of wellbeing provides a young person with confidence and optimism which in turn maximises their learning potential.

Outdoor play develops new skills

Research shows that children have a need to be outside, taking opportunities to explore, discover, climb and run. Opportunities to explore and play in a safe and secure environment are important for their development and, of course, children enjoy being with their friends. Play allows them to use their creativity while developing their imagination and emotional strength. It also helps them to develop new skills and build the self-belief and confidence they’ll need to face future challenges.

If a young person believes they can do well, they are more likely to achieve just that. Higher self-esteem helps young people perform better in all aspects of their life such as at school and with socialising. In contrast, if a young person has low self-esteem, he or she may turn to other more unhealthy social behaviours to cope.

Outdoor experiences on the Jurassic Coast

At Cumulus Outdoors we provide positive outdoor experiences for the young people who attend our residential programmes on the stunning Jurassic coast in Dorset. The activity programmes support and develop self-esteem and confidence as they discover, tackle and overcome new challenges together, guided by our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

With a choice of either hard-top Residential Centre or Tented Village, Cumulus Outdoors programmes are tailored to meet the required school outcomes and budget, comprising a mix of awesome adventure activities and exciting excursions.

Find out how Cumulus can help to further support the health and wellbeing of your school or class, please get in touch.