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Dorset Mud Trail

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Dorset Mud Trail for schools

We highly recommend taking on the Dorset Mud Trail during your residential school trip at Cumulus Outdoors. This fun-filled activity takes place off site and is organised in association with one of our trusted local partners. It’s situated in the foothills of Corfe Castle and ideally suited to intrepid youngsters who aren’t afraid to get dirty. It is great fun and a memorable experience for all that take part.


  • 50 obstacles along a 2km woodland route
  • Muddy setting with slides, climbing frames and rope swings
  • Located in the foothills of iconic Dorset landmark – Corfe Castle

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Muddy obstacle course

The Dorset Mud Trail consists of 50 obstacles over a 2km woodland course. Students will navigate the route together, encountering a range of challenges along the way. As the name would suggest, there is plenty of mud and muck, which in our opinion, only adds to the fun!  This all-weather activity promises to be a favourite amongst primary and secondary school aged children as well as teachers who decide to take part.

Obstacles include balance beams, rope swings, monkey bars, cargo nets and mud slides. Students can climb, swing, crawl and slide there way along the course, while having fun and encouraging their friends. We maintain our strict ‘challenge by choice’ ethos, which means students only take on the parts they are comfortable with. If they don’t want to try a particular obstacle, they can simply move onto the next.

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The session is scheduled to last 90 minutes and adventurous students are free to take on the course multiples times if they choose. Students will be accompanied by a Mud Trail leader who will keep a watchful eye on proceedings along the entirety of the route. The activity ends with showers and clean clothes before heading back to our residential centre or tented village.

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Learning outcomes

At Cumulus Outdoors we’re huge proponents of the belief that learning isn’t restricted to four walls. All the activities we offer as part of our school residential trips promote the importance of physical health and development of social and interpersonal skills. Completing the Mud Trail has a number of benefits – these include coordination, balance and communication with peers.

  • Physical Education

    Students will need to draw upon their physical strength and agility to overcome the obstacles along the Mud Trail route. The route will put their fitness to the test and exercise different muscle groups including upper body, core and legs. Over the 90-minute session students will get a full body workout in a fun and enjoyable setting.

  • Coordination & balance

    The Mud Trail contains 50 obstacles – each requiring different skills. Co-ordination and balance are vital to overcome many of the obstacles, especially those suspended over muddy water! Students will need to refine their motor movements to successfully complete the course.

  • Communication

    Communicating effectively with others will help students navigate the route together. Much of the course requires team in order to succeed. They will need to confidently instruct their friends and put suggestions to the group.

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Dorset Mud Trail FAQs

Where can I find your certificates for Dorset Mud Trail?

If you would like to see all our information, including risk assessments, policies, emergency procedures, insurance and affiliation certification, please ask. You will be sent a link to our website with a password to access and download as much as you need.

Are you insured for Dorset Mud Trail?

Yes we are insured for Dorset Mud Trail, however, this activity is run by the Dorset Adventure Park. Should you require their documentation, please let us know.

What happens if there is bad weather before Dorset Mud Trail?

Rarely is the weather bad enough to cancel a session at the Dorset Mud Trail. However, if we feel we need to cancel or change the session, we will be in touch at least 2 days prior to the activity. We will always do our best to deliver the activities as per the agreed programme.


What if my child doesn’t want to go to Dorset Mud Trail?

We operate a ‘challenge by choice ethos’, which allows the students to choose the level they are comfortable with. Throughout the Dorset Mud Trail course, students can dip in and out of various elements.

What kit do students need to bring to Dorset Mud Trail?

A spare pair of clothes that WILL get muddy and wet (ideally something quick drying – please no jeans or tracksuits) and trainers suitable for the water. Please no flip flops, thin wetsuit shoes or crocs! Don’t forget a rucksack for your clothes, snacks, something to drink and any personal medication.

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