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Dorset Water Park for Schools

Many school groups choose to include a trip to Dorset Water Park into their bespoke activity programme and it’s not difficult to see why. The inflatable obstacle course, is situated in a scenic location just a short drive from our residential centre and provides endless entertainment for students and teachers alike! During the session they can jump, splash and climb to their hearts content as they take on the ‘Total Wipeout’ style course. It’s a firm favourite among visitors and often the highlight of student’s school trip on the south coast!


  • Two inflatable obstacle courses on water
  • Situated in the foothills of Corfe Castle – one of Dorset’s most iconic landmarks
  • Students can climb, splash and jump as they navigate the course

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Inflatable obstacle course

Dorset Water Park boasts two impressive lakes, which are located beneath Corfe Castle. Combined they have 200m of inflatable obstacles to overcome, including climbing walls, slides and bouncing platforms. Students will have the opportunity to try both of the courses during the trip, spending approximately 45 minutes on each. The session will begin with the opportunity for free play before taking part in a range of instructor led games and challenges.

It’s always a joy to hear the sound of laughter as students negotiate the water park course. They will leave with a big smile etched on their face and tell us it’s a memorable experience that they’ll remember for years to come!

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Expert lifeguards

The facilities at Dorset Waterpark are second to none, with toilets, showers and changing rooms provided. The on-site lifeguarding team are present throughout the session to ensure high safety standards are maintained. Students are required to wear wetsuits and buoyancy aids at all times.

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Learning outcomes

As well as being a fun and enjoyable activity, a trip to Dorset Water Park provides opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. This highly physical activity promotes health and fitness and is a fantastic setting for children to perfect their motor skills, team work and communication.

  • Coordination & balance

    Successfully navigating the inflatable obstacles without falling in the lake requires balance and co-ordination. Students will have to refine their motor skills and perfect their approach through trial and error.

  • Team work

    Some obstacles require multiple people to work together to reach the end and succeed. Students will need to employ team working skills to effectively communicate with one and other. They may need to think collaboratively and help others that may be struggling.

  • Physical education

    It might look like fun and games but the obstacle course at Dorset Water Park should not be underestimated! Overcoming the obstacles along the course can be tiering and requires, strength, speed and agility. Taking on the course is fantastic exercise and will put students’ endurance to the test.

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Dorset Waterpark FAQs

Where can I find your Dorset Water Park certificates?

If you would like to see all our information, including risk assessments, policies, emergency procedures, insurance and affiliation certification, please ask. You will be sent a link to our website with a password to access and download as much as you need.

Are you insured for Dorset Water Park?

Yes we are insured for activities at the Dorset Water Park, however, this activity is run by the Dorset Adventure Park. Should you require their documentation, please let us know.

Do students need to be able to swim to go to Dorset Water Park?

Yes, they need to be able to swim 25m to enjoy a session at Dorset Waterpark. Don’t forgot, this is with a wetsuit and buoyancy aid on which provides a huge amount of buoyancy. We basically are requiring them to be confident in the water and be able to move forward.

What happens if there is bad weather before Dorset Waterpark?

Rarely is the weather bad enough to cancel a Dorset Waterpark session. However, if we feel we need to cancel or change the session, we will be in touch at least 2 days prior to the activity. We will always do our best to deliver the activities as per the agreed programme.

What if my child doesn’t want to go to Dorset Water Park?

We operate a ‘challenge by choice ethos’, which allows the students to choose the level they are comfortable with. Throughout the inflatable course, students can dip in and out of various elements.

What kit do students need to bring to Dorset Waterpark?

Swimming costume, towel and training shoes suitable for the water are essential during a trip to Dorset Waterpark. Please no flip flops, thin wetsuit shoes or crocs! We will supply a wetsuit and buoyancy aid. Don’t forget a rucksack for your clothes, snacks, something to drink and any personal medication.

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