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Kayaking for schools

Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports activities available at Cumulus Outdoors. Our sit on kayaks are perfect for complete beginners as well as those with some experience. We can tailor our sessions to the ability of the group to ensure everyone has a fantastic time! Students will get a unique perspective of the surrounding scenery and exclusive use of a private lake.


  • Learn to skilfully manoeuvre a kayak in water
  • Exclusive use of a private Dorset lake
  • Great fun for all ages

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Kayaking in Dorset

Under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors, students will master a range of paddle strokes, enabling them to manoeuvre in the water. Over the course of the session students will learn how to stop, turn and self-rescue among other important skills.

After the group have had some time to get to grips with the basics both on land and in the water, our instructors will initiate team games and challenges. This will encourage them to put their training into practice, in a fun and supportive environment.

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Learning outcomes

Kayaking is not just about having fun. This paddlesports session can be used to achieve a range of learning outcomes, including confidence and improved physical education.

  • Physical education

    Kayaking has a range of health benefits and is great for improving strength and stamina. Turning and paddling requires young people to engage their core muscles and staying upright needs balance and coordination. For many students kayaking is a completely new skill that presents a fresh set of physical challenges. It introduces students to a novel form of exercise that they may wish to pursue further in the future.

  • Confidence

    When students excel at a task they previously found daunting, it can help build their confidence. Many students finish our kayaking sessions with a sense of accomplishment following a successful trip in the water. This new found confidence will continue into other areas, including home and school life.

  • Water safety

    We think it’s incredibly important to teach students about water safety. During our kayaking sessions we teach participant’s do’s and don’ts in the water. These skills can be drawn upon on future visits to the beach or lake.

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Kayaking FAQs

Where can I find your kayaking certificates?

If you would like to see all our kayaking information, including risk assessments, policies, emergency procedures, insurance and affiliation certification, please ask. You will be sent a link to our website with a password to access and download as much as you need.

Are you insured for kayaking?

Yes, we are insured for kayaking and we have £10 million public liability insurance. We are accredited by: Institute of Out­door Learning, National Coasteering Charter, Adventure Activities Licensing Service, DofE Approved Activity Provider and Learning Outside the Classroom.

Do students need to be able to swim for kayaking?

Yes, they need to be able to swim 25m to participate in one of our kayaking sessions. Don’t forgot, this is with a wetsuit and buoyancy aid on which provides a huge amount of buoyancy. We basically are requiring them to be confident in the water and be able to move forward.

What happens if there is bad weather before kayaking?

Rarely is the weather bad enough to cancel a session. However, if we feel we need to cancel or change the kayaking session, we will be in touch at least 2 days prior to the activity. We will however always do our best to deliver the activities as per the agreed programme.

What if my child doesn’t want to go kayaking?

During our kayaking sessions we challenge the students to participate voluntarily, to push their comfort zone and test themselves. We operate a ‘challenge by choice ethos’, which allows the students to choose the level they are comfortable with.

What is the instructor to participant ratio for kayaking?

The instructor to participant ratio for kayaking is 1:12.

What kit do students need to bring kayaking?

A spare pair of clothes that may get wet (ideally something quick drying – please no jeans or tracksuits) and trainers suitable for the water. Please no flip flops, thin wetsuit shoes or crocs! Don’t forget a rucksack for your clothes, snacks, something to drink and any personal medication. We will supply a wetsuit and buoyancy aid.

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