At Cumulus Outdoors we believe that learning is not restricted to the classroom, but something that can be achieved in all aspects of life. ‘Learning without walls’ as it is often referred to offers fabulous opportunities for learning through outdoor fun. Spending time outdoors, away from the stresses of school can see children flourish and tap into talents that had previously remained uncovered.

During our school residential trips,  Activity Days and NCS residential camps, we aim to get children out of their comfort zone and provide them with the skills they need to face challenges head on. We hope that our broad programme of activities, which has been carefully designed to promote teamwork, self-esteem and confidence, will help students to conquer their fears and achieve their personal goals.

We believe that every child who leaves Cumulus Outdoors will take with them a newfound sense of adventure and skills that can be drawn upon in later life.

Our schools and youth programmes offer the highest staffing ratios for your adventure activities – you get activities that are safe, exciting, transformational and represent real value for money. All our programmes are all tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Optional educational sessions

As a business partner of The Jurassic Coast Trust, we are now able to offer bespoke educational sessions to incorporate added depth to your programme of activities, provided by the Jurassic Coast Trust team of specialist ambassadors. These can be used to enhance and enrich the curriculum KS2 and KS3 Geography requirements on coastal landforms and procession of erosion. Evening sessions with local enthusiasts with expert knowledge can further enlighten and inspire your students. Plus the chance for the younger pupils to become Go Jurassic! Rangers (ages 4-11).

These sessions can be tailored to link with specific sessions/activities and to the particular age group to add further contact and detail – ask us for details.