Archery and Rifles for Schools

Archery for schools

Archery is a fantastic activity for young people to try during one of Cumulus Outdoors residential school trips in Dorset. It can be combined with a range of outdoor adventure activities, including paddlesports, coasteering and tag archery to create a completely bespoke programme, designed around the needs of your school or youth group. From our residential centre in Swanage, students can try their hand at this medieval sport under the watchful eye of our experienced team. After some coaching and encouragement they can put their new found skills to the test and see how many times they can hit the target on our archery range.

During our archery sessions young people will first get a thorough briefing from our qualified instructors. The Cumulus crew will talk them through the equipment and teach them how to handle the bow and arrow safely. Students will be taught the appropriate technique needed to successfully fire an arrow on target. Over the course of the session they can hone their skills, and see how many times they can hit the target.


Rifes for schools

In addition to archery, we also offer school and youth groups the opportunity to try airgun shooting. In a safe and controlled environment young people will learn the necessary skills to fire a modern pre charged air rifle, safely and accurately.


Learning outcomes

Archery and rifle shooting require a specific set of skills, which can be mastered through repetition. Unlike some of the other adventure activity skills we offer, which are predominantly physical, both of these activities require a slow and gentle approach. Through trial and error students will learn to refine their movements, control their breathing and focus on the task at hand. This will enable them to successfully fire at the target.


Focus is essential if young people to succeed at either archery or rifle shooting. They must listen intently to safety instructions and guidance from our team and focus on the target n order to hit the bullseye. They must be calm and controlled, focussing on their breathing and positioning.


Target sports are a great way of seeing how maths can be used outside of the classroom. Use basic numeracy and maths skills to work out the direction of travel and add up your individual and teams total score.