High and Low Ropes Courses for Schools

High and low ropes courses trips in Dorset

At Cumulus Outdoors we offer high and low ropes courses as part of our residential trips in Swanage. Both courses can be included in a bespoke outdoor adventure activity programmes, designed to meet the needs of your school or youth group. Our high and low ropes courses are great fun and enormously rewarding for all that take part. Students often surprise themselves with their achievements, climbing to heights they previously thought impossible.

Instructor climbing

What do ropes courses for schools entail?

All of our sessions begin with a detailed safety briefing from our highly qualified and experienced team of instructors. They will talk students through the course and highlight the importance of listening carefully  and following instructions at all times. The Cumulus Crew will provide all participants with all the necessary safety equipment and will ensure that they are fitted correctly prior.

During our high and low ropes courses school and youth groups can swing high, zip far, jump big, climb up and hold on as they navigate the various obstacles along the route. Young people will work as a team to overcome challenges and help each other complete the course. Obstacles include a tower, swings and Jacob’s ladder.

Challenge by choice

Like all of our activities, we operate a strict ‘challenge by choice‘ ethos during these sessions. This means that no one will be pushed to climb to a height they are not comfortable with. More often than not, however, even the most apprehensive students are inspired by their peers to overcome their initial worries. For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching young people overcome their fears to accomplish things they previously thought impossible.

Child swinging through the Ropes Course

Learning outcomes

There are many important learning outcomes, which can be achieved following sessions on our high and low ropes courses. Students find participating in these challenging activities extremely rewarding, and leave with a new found confidence in themselves and their peers. During these sessions we see interpersonal relationships between students improve and quieter students come out of their shell.


Every climber needs a belayer to keep the rope tight. The team will be responsible for belaying the climber and keeping them feeling safe.


Communication skills are key to overcoming many of the ropes course challenges. Likewise, peer encouragement and support from class mates on the ground can spur students to carry on. Celebrating everyones achievements improves confidence and creates a shared experience and feelings of inclusion.

Coordination & balance

A good level of general fitness is required to complete our courses. Students motor skills will be put to the test as they traverse wooden beams and scale the tower. Participants will need to control their movements and balance in order to finish the climb.

Stretch zone

The stretch zone lies just outside of students secure environment. The more experiences they have with activities outside of their comfort zone, the more they will grow.


Trust is essential if teams are to successfully complete the ropes courses. There must be a shared understanding that everyone is working together towards the same goals. During the session students will place trust in their peers and instructors to look after their safety.

Problem solving

There’s plenty of opportunity for problem solving on both our high and low ropes courses for schools. Students will work together in teams to overcome the challenges they face along the route. Together they can make decisions about the route they take and how to overcome any problems. Problem solving can be enjoyable, it allows students to work at their own pace and make their own decisions.