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Stag and Hen Party Awesome Activities! Cumulus Outdoors

Stag and Hen Party Awesome Activities!


As well as coasteering and the coasteer & climb activity day, we have a further selection of awesome activity combinations to enjoy for your stag or hen do celebrations!!

  1. Tag Archery and Air Rifles. Target sports combining for a morning or afternoon session of competitive fun.
  2. The Ultimate Combo! A full day of 4 activities and food!

Tag Archery and Air Rifles

Tag archery is one of our favourite outdoor activities at Cumulus Outdoors! This new adrenaline sport combines archery, paintball and dodgeball into one unbeatable outdoor adventure. If you like target sports and team games, tag archery is definitely for you! Tag archery is a safe and friendly combat sport, which makes it the perfect option for all ages but especially for stag and or hen parties and is really great fun! It is a great mix of archery, paint balling and dodgeball.requiring high energy levels to be the last one standing!

Combined with the very physical and energetic tag archery is a more sedate, but just as challenging air rifle session to hone your target skills further and up the team challenge even more.  Learn how to safely use handle, load and fire the air rifle before challenging yourself and the opposition to be the best marksman of the day. Who will be closest to the bull? Who will be champion at noughts and crosses? Remember, patience is the key and success comes to those who wait and take aim slowly and carefully!

Minimum group size 8 people.

The Ultimate Combo!

A full day of outdoor adventures interspersed with breakfast and lunch for a grand way to celebrate your stag or hen do!

  • Breakfast on arrival. Get yourselves ready for the day with a wholesome breakfast, then……
  • Tag archery.  Fun team games on the tag archery course followed by
  • Target shooting. Learn your Air Rifle skill and expertise to be the top of the target leader board
  • Bushcraft   Learn to fire light and shelter build in the woods, skills to survive in the outdoors
  • Lunch. Provided by Cumulus before the adrenalin fuel activity of the day…!
  • Coasteering 


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