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Advantage Programme

Wellbeing Focused Activity Based Learning, Training and Coaching Solutions


Advantage is a unique programme aimed at transforming personal, team, leadership and board performance. This uniqueness is derived from its focus on wellbeing as the route to greater success and a powerful combination of learning, training and coaching services that ensure your business gets the maximum return on investment in its people.

This improved performance is delivered through a unique combination of modules. Wellbeing training plus fun, challenging and varied activities such as Kayaking, Orienteering, Ropes Course and Bushcraft – the modules are selected based on the desired outcomes and focus on:

• Developing leadership skills and a positive, resilient mind-set
• Developing greater awareness and responsibility in individuals and teams
• Improving communication and relationship building skills

Your Quality Assurance

• Brought to you by experts with experience working with FTSE 100 companies, so you can be confident in the quality of delivery
• Focused on improving well-being in your workplace to help your people and business achieve greater success
• Designed to bring out the best in everyone, customised by style and approach
• Tailored to work for each individual, up to boardroom level
• Developed to ensure long term sustainable personal, team and business growth by combining a range of techniques

David Green
David is a performance coach and trainer specialising in Well-being with over 16 years’ experience at FTSE 100 companies where he first came across the benefits of performance coaching in the workplace when attending a course by Sir John Whitmore. Inspired, he put this to good use through coaching teams to improve performance as part of a large and successful change management programme. As an ex-professional footballer, he also knows what it is to be part of a high performance team.


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