Cumulus Outdoors assist the National Coastwatch Institution

Cumulus Outdoors lent a hand recently to one of the volunteer organisations who help look after people along our coast and out to sea. The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) has over 50 Lookout Stations around the UK and one of them is at St Alban’s Head (St Aldhelm’s Head) on the Isle of Purbeck’s Jurassic Coastline. Cumulus team member, Peter Boyce, is a volunteer Watchkeeper at the Station.

Helping the National Coastwatch Institution

The Station had an old mast which supported flags and, in the past, antennae. The structure was much bigger than needed so Cumulus offered to reduce it down to a more practical size. Tom and Sam managed to safely bring down the old mast, cut it to the new size and re-install it. NCI are delighted with the work and expressed their gratitude. “Sam and Tom from Cumulus have done a magnificent job in rectifying our flag pole to the point where we can now fly two flags at once when required” said Ann, Station Manager at St Albans Head Coastwatch. “We are very grateful to them for their help with this”.

Whilst at the Lookout doing the work, another job was identified. There is a collection box outside the Station for donations (NCI receives no Government support whatsoever), but it had to be brought in at the end of each day and put out again each morning. Tom offered, using bits of the mast left over, to create a more permanent ‘box’. It’s set in the ground, tamper proof and can be emptied easily, a big improvement for the volunteers. Once again, Tom and Cumulus were on the receiving end of very sincere thanks from the St Albans Head NCI team.