Cumulus Outdoors Residential Centre Swanage

Green Policy

The Cumulus team are committed to reducing our impact on the natural environment wherever possible. We work hard to operate sustainably and educate students on the importance of recycling and respecting the countryside code.

Cumulus Outdoors is privileged to be located in one of the most beautiful and environmentally diverse parts of the British Isles. Our outdoor adventure activity centre is surrounded by countryside and situated within walking distance of Jurassic Coast – a stretch of coastline famed for its natural beauty, geology and bountiful marine life.

Managing environmental issues is a top priority for the company and we are committed to lowering our environmental impact to ensure we protect our local area for generations to come. We continually review our own practices and are always trying new initiatives to further improve our green credentials.

cumulus outdoors residential centre in swanage
Cumulus Outdoors Residential Centre

Sustainability and environmental management

Dormitory Room

Energy Consumption

All our dormitories and communal facilities benefit from low consumption LED lighting and PIR sensors in our communal areas ensure lights are only on when essential. All students are reminded to turn off lights when leaving a vacant room. In our newest Dormitory, flexible light tunnels channel natural light in and reduce the need for artificial light.

Thermostatically controlled heating ensures we do not run boilers unnecessarily and these will be phased out as they come up for renewal, making way for more environmentally friendly methods of heating.

Two boys cooking for the Duke pow Edinburgh residential team


Wherever possible we use locally sourced ingredients including locally sourced meat, dairy, and bakery products from across the Isle of Purbeck, helping to reduce our carbon footprint whilst supporting local businesses. With careful menu planning we minimise the amount of food waste generated across our sites and any leftovers are disposed of through our food waste collection service.

Cumulus leader instructing on beach safety


Many of our outdoor adventure activity session take place off site, in scenic locations across Dorset. During these activity sessions we work hard to educate children on the Countryside Code and promote the importance of the ‘Respect, Protect, Enjoy’ messaging. We always carry bin bags to take our litter home and encourage young children to ‘leave nothing but footprints’ when exploring the great outdoors. We hope to instil a love of nature that will continue when they return home.

sleeping bag donation cumulus


We provide comprehensive recycling facilities at our Residential Centre and our tented villages, which encourage staff and students to dispose of waste in the most sustainable and responsible way. The bins are clearly labelled so that visitors know exactly what they can and cannot recycle while on site.

reusable waterbottles


We encourage all staff and students to use reusable water bottles throughout their stay and therefore reducing our plastic waste. Dedicated water bottle refill stations ensure water is close at hand but not wasted.