Time to log off? Digital Detox with Cumulus Outdoors

Smartphones and tablets, combined with the increasing wireless accessibility, enable us all to constantly be connected to the digital world. Whilst this certainly has its benefits, we’re all very aware that social media addiction is a growing problem. The average person spends nearly 2 hours (9 hours for teenagers) a day using social media, which amounts to 5 years and 4 months of his or her lifetime. In that time you could run more than 10,000 marathons or travel to the moon and back on 32 separate occasions! (Source Mediakix)

A digital detox provides an opportunity to reduce stress and focus more on social connection with nature in the physical world. The benefits can include increased mindfulness, lowered anxiety and a better appreciation of your environment. Simply spending time in forests, hiking or just being outdoors can lead to significant health benefits. Studies have shown that just walking in the woods can improve blood pressure and boost mental health.

So leave your smart device at home and simply feel the benefits of the outdoors. From improving sleep quality to combating stress, spending time outdoors is crucial for both your mind and body; particularly for children.

Looking for a digital detox?

Hidden in beautiful Dorset countryside, in a secluded location, Camp Cleavel offers a totally unplugged experience, where you can relax with stunning views over the southernmost tip of Poole Harbour and its islands. Accommodation is provided in pre-pitched tipi and ridge tents with air beds, bunting, outdoor chairs, lanterns and solar lights. They can be hired individually or together for a group of family or friends. Combine your stay with some adventure activities for a total ‘away from it all’ shared experience.