Learning beyond the classroom with an exciting introduction to Bushcraft

According to Clare Rooney, qualified teacher and experienced trainer, ‘teaching something outdoors should not be considered a diversion from ‘real work’, but instead as an integrated and progressive part of the school experience’*. So, when Hatherop Castle School invited us to provide a number of  introduction to bushcraft sessions and lead school residential preparation events for pupils and parents, we leapt at the chance of showcasing our school camp set up in their beautiful grounds.

As well as a question and answer session with staff and parents, sixteen Prep 8 students took part in a morning session of leadership and team building, which was very successful. Eighteen Prep 4 students undertook the ‘Big Four’ involving an overnight stay at camp, shelter building, firelighting, food and drink plus camouflage games. Prep 3 pupils got to grips with the basics of shelter building and living outdoors, they also learned about ‘good wood’ for fires and then had great fun in the camouflage games at the end of the day.

It was an enjoyable and exciting time with everyone smiling and joining in with the Cumulus staff, playing learning games, painting each other’s faces with camouflage paint and generally having a fun time!

The school created a short video showcasing the adventures of the Prep 4 experience! We feel it gives us a fantastic insight into the introduction to bushcraft sessions and the activities we offer at Cumulus Outdoors.

What a fabulous time Prep 4 have had with #cumulusoutdoors They have all returned home after two days of activities and a night under the stars. Completely exhausted but with so many stories of adventure to tell! They are so lucky to be able to experience this in our wonderful grounds.#wishfordschools #adventureofchildhood #escapetothecotswolds #iaps #soglos #outdoorlearning #thegreatoutdoors

Posted by Hatherop Castle School on Friday, September 13, 2019

*Learning through Landscapes