Is your company fit for Business?

Make the most of the improving (warmer!) weather and enjoy stunning locations along the Jurassic coast with fun team build sessions and adventure activities.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, the ability of the people in your company to come together and work effectively together as a team has never been more important. Cumulus can help you discover the principles and practices of being a good team player and an effective team leader in building, nurturing, maintaining and leading effective, successful and harmonious teams – a no nonsense approach to developing a high performing team.

Russell Thompson has been working in leadership and training development for over 25 years and has achieved an enviable track record to date. He brings a wealth of unrivalled professional experience, hands on training experience, infectious energy, passion and enthusiasm which has help teams understand the principles behind team working and the best practices of working together more effectively.

With Activity Based Learning and Performance Coaching for individuals, their teams and their leaders, participants learn from the experience of ‘doing’ by engaging in a series of challenging and motivating learning activities where they must work effectively together to succeed. While providing a lot of fun, each activity has defined learning outcomes to re-enforce the principles and practices of being a good team player and an effective team leader, enabling participants to reflect on their learning experience and transfer this learning back into the work place.

  • Learn how to develop a high performing team
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Optimise team skills
  • Understand the dynamics of how a team works, both negative and positive
  • Cementing learning back into the workplace to ensure improved personal, team and business performance

“We think the Cumulus training days were a fantastic way to start the process of changing people’s views, enthusing them about what the business is trying to do and tapping into their knowledge and skills in a coherent way .. Great stuff you guys, it’s certainly been a big part of our short term success in getting two quite different lots of people working together and helping to develop a common ethos and single vision of where we want to be.”

 “We had a great day out with Cumulus Outdoors. The whole event was well organised and far exceeded our expectations. The activities were well structured and in particular we bought into their ethos of Challenge by Choice.”

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