Challenge the Family to a Matchbox Treasure Hunt

Are you running short of ideas to keep the children occupied and away from the screen or the phone? How about something to stimulate the grey cells in a fun way! A popular task on Cumulus school trips and team building days is our A-Z Matchbox Treasure Hunt. The challenge is simply to find something beginning with each letter of the alphabet that is small enough to fit into a matchbox! If you don’t have an empty matchbox handy, a small yoghurt pot or egg cup can easily be used instead. The container needs to be small enough to fit into your pocket so you can take it out on your daily exercise and collect items on your walk or jog.

Outdoors or indoors

Of course, the treasure hunt could take place in your garden or even indoors if it’s raining or your outside space is too small – don’t limit your imagination!

Work as a team!

First of all split into teams, perhaps Mum and Dad verses the children or boys v girls and see who comes out on top. Add a time limit, anything from an hour to a week, and then award a prize for the person or team who gets the most objects and, a bonus, for the person who finds the most unusual object in their hunt.

There are lots of other scavenger hunts available if your children enjoy this fun activity. Thornbridge Outdoors have a fantastic version and the RLSS have an online Egg Hunt across their partner websites, which is currently running until 23 April 2020. So don’t miss these great prizes and happy hunting!