Organising the Ultimate Adrenaline Fuelled Stag or Hen Do!

What you do:

  1. Plan well ahead
  • Agree dates and the adventure activity the bride or groom want to do
  • Check no clash of dates with other events and commitments
  • Not too close to the big day – recovery will be required!
  • Let whole group know; create social media contact group for ease of communication and sharing ideas
  1. Be clear with the budget
  • Budget is the crux here, don’t price people out if the bride or groom really want them there
  • Set a ‘happy medium’ to encourage all to be able to enjoy the fun
  • Offer up the role of banker or use an agent who can assist with payment schemes
  • Set clear payment deadlines
  1. Make travel plans
  • How will people arrive at the destination?
  • Consider car share, train or minibus hire as an option
  • Your activity providermay be able to help at a local level when you arrive
  1. Select your accommodation carefully
  • Research possibilities well in advance
  • Consider your particular group and what will work best for you following your adrenalin fuelled day
  • Check with your group to get a consensus
  • Book this for everyone and give clear deadlines for payment in advance
  1. The Devil is in the Detail
  • Arrange Ice breaker games and weekend rules with forfeits
  • Get creative and prepare fun bios
  • Travel plans (yes, again)
  • Places to eat
  • Check in / out times
  • Dress codes
  • Fancy dress
  • Continuous information giving
  • Record those never to be forgotten moments for use at the ceremony!

What you don’t do:

  1. Play it by ear
  • Organise your main event and eating destinations in advance and share the itinerary so everyone knows the plan
  • Avoid lulls or people doing their own thing with a well planned schedule
  • Break up the drinking with eating and other activities, don’t peak too soon!
  1. Invite too many people
  • Ten to 15 is an ideal number to avoid splinter groups and potential chaos.
  • You can arrange an easier local night out for parents, aunts/uncles, bosses and more random guests
  1. Expect everyone to know what to bring
  • Your activity provider should let you have a detailed kit list describing what and what not to wear for your adrenalin adventure
  • Give specifics for any dress codes or accessories required later on,
  • Fancy dress requirements
  • Make sure you let everyone know exactly what they’ll need
  1. Leave the groom or bride to deal with problems
  • A big no – no, they want to have the best time without any of the hassle – this is your job!
  • Use your activity provider for adventure activity details on the day.
  • You all want to have a good time and it’s your job, along with a professional activity provider, to make it happen