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Axe Throwing

Axe throwing for schools

Axe throwing is a popular activity that we are pleased to provide at our residential centre in Swanage. Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction when you land a perfect shot on our wooden targets! Axe throwing is suitable for secondary school students and has fantastic physical benefits, including building upper body strength, improving hand to eye co-ordination and precision.



  • Learn great throwing technique from our qualified instructors
  • Build strength and stamina
  • Improve precision and co-ordination

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Axe throwing in Dorset

Under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors, students will learn how to safely throw axes at wooden targets in our axe throwing range. There is an art to successfully landing axe shots, and students will need to work on their hand eye co-ordination and practice to perfect their technique. Axe throwing is a physically demanding activity that builds upper body strength and stamina!

During a school axe throwing session, students can anticipate thorough safety briefings, instructional guidance on techniques, and continuous feedback. We also love incorporating fun team games through the sessions, too!


School kids axe throwing
axe throwing school kids dorset

Learning outcomes

Axe throwing is an activity that requires patience and repetition to master. Students will need to refine their micro-movements and be willing to practice in order to land axes in our wooden targets!

  • Focus

    Most people can take part in axe throwing, but only the students that improve their technique and make micro-movements with direction and power will be able to master the art! Focus is essential is students want to prove their axe throwing craft. It really is satisfying to have your axe stick in the target, and many students leave with a great sense of pride and achievement after doing so.


  • Coordination

    Students will need to be coordinated in order to find success when axe throwing. Stepping forward to the perfect distance from the target, aiming and throwing at a trajectory with the correct amount of power is required to land an axe. If students are unsuccessful at first, they will need to find trends in their failed attempts, and make effort to coordinate themselves differently to hit the target!

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Axe Throwing FAQs

What weather conditions can I do Axe Throwing in?

We normally conduct axe throwing come rain or shine, though our qualified instructors will make decisions based on the current weather conditions. If extreme weather is forecast we will try and offer an alternative activity.

What if my child doesn’t want to take part in Axe Throwing?

We operate a strict ‘challenge by choice’ policy, whereby we encourage students to push their comfort zone and try new things, but never force students to engage in an activity.

Where can I find your Axe Throwing certificates?

If you would like to see all our Axe Throwing information, including risk assessments, policies, emergency procedures, insurance and affiliation certification, please ask. You will be sent a link to our website with a password to access and download as much as you need.

What is the instructor to participant ratio for Axe Throwing?

The instructor to participant ratio for axe throwing is 1:16, with a ratio of 1:4 when students are throwing.

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