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Team Sports

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Team sports for Schools

We are pleased to host a range of team sports at our residential centre in Swanage. Here, students will split into groups and work together to try and beat the opposing team.

We offer various team games at Cumulus Outdoors. Each one is suitable for students of both first and secondary school ages, and for a range of fitness abilities. No experience is required as all instruction and demonstration will be given by our friendly, expert instructors.


Our team sports are:

  • Pana-Soccer
  • Pana-Rocket
  • Dodgeball
  • Volleyball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Rounders

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Team sports at Cumulus Outdoors

Pana-Soccer is a tactical variation of football that is perfect for students. Two teams of three players face of in pana-Soccer. The objective of the game is still the same – to score in the opposing team’s goal – but you can only shoot once you have touched the ball in the opponent’s half. Delegating roles moving up the field and constant communication is the key here!

Pana-Rocket is played with the same rules as its football variant. The difference here though, is that the game isn’t played with a football – but a streamlined rocket which is thrown between players.

Volleyball is a strategic team game played with a net in the middle. Players must work together to keep the ball off the ground, hit the ball over the net and aim for the ground on the opposing side. Both teams have the same goal and there is quite a lot of floor area to cover – so teams will need to both defence and attack. It is important players communicate to delegate responsibilities and positioning.

Volley Ball on cumulus tented village camp

Dodgeball is a classic game that is always a favourite among students at Cumulus. Two teams face off, with the goal being to hit an opposing player with one of the soft balls. If you hit them – they are out for that round. If they catch the call – you’re out for the moment! This ‘last person standing’ game will certainly improve physical fitness and build friendships!

Capture the Flag is another favourite at Cumulus Outdoors in Swanage! The basic rules of the game are simple really – each team of players has a ‘home’ base each. One team has a flag at their base and the goal of the other team (attackers) is to ‘capture the flag’. Diversions, flanks and other tactics are often used here – making for much fun! This is where we see the leaders show themselves!

Rounders is played between two teams, who take turns to ‘bat’ and ‘field’ – very similar to cricket! A range of skills are tested here, including catching, throwing, running and hitting – each will improve physical fitness and hand-to-eye coordination.

Expert instructors

Our instructors are fully qualified and knowledgable about a range of team games – so students will always have something fun to do! All of our instructors are experienced in hosting students of all ages – so they are able to adapt team sports to each age and ability group to ensure everyone has great fun!

Cumulus staff fun

Learning outcomes

In addition to being fantastic fun for all players, our six team games promote a range of learning outcomes, including teamwork, leadership, communication skills, hand-to-eye coordination, sportsmanship, fitness, problem solving and tactical thinking.

  • Teamwork

    Students will need to pull together as a unit to find success in their efforts. Our instructors will encourage students to communicate with their peers in order to delegate roles, responsibilities and decide upon tactics. Working as part of a team is a vital skill that will benefits students as they progress in their educational journeys and in the workplace after they complete their studies.

  • Leadership skills

    Leadership qualities are extremely important in life. Whether it’s leading a Capture the Flag team or taking charge of structuring a group presentation at school, the attribute of the same. We like to promote students taking charge and conveying their ideas in a fun environment such as team sports at Cumulus Outdoors because we find students are more likely to open up and show leadership in environments like this.