Strengthen your Defence

Slowly the Coronavirus and the fight against it is beginning to dictate the way we conduct our lives. It is only sensible that we do all that we can to fight this virus and reduce its effect on the country, and the world.

Social distancing, regular and thorough hand washing and self-isolation if necessary are required to help stave off the full effects of the pandemic. However, if we are not having to self-isolate, and take sensible precautions, we can still get outside into our gardens and enjoy the health benefits of the fresh air around us.


Dr Jenna Macciochi, a lecturer in immunology at Sussex University, writes on how to strengthen our defence against the virus. She states:

Strengthen your defence

“When it comes to maintaining good health, the immune system is our most precious asset, deeply entwined with all aspects of our physical and mental health, it acts as a fortress and lays the foundations of our health and longevity”.

“Sunshine is good for immunity and bad for viruses. Research suggests it makes disease-fighting cells in the skin move faster and work more efficiently. Sunlight also helps our bodies to make Vitamin D, the WHO suggests 5 to 15 minutes of casual sun exposure a few times a week is sufficient to keep Vitamin D levels topped up”.

Take the country air

There is clear evidence that childhood exposure to outdoor microbes is linked to a more robust immune system. Exposure to nature works primarily by lowering stress, immune cell function improves after just walking in a forest each day. Nature, it seems, is particularly good for strengthening our main virus-fighting cells. Aromatic substances called phytoncides from trees and plants bring about these amazing health benefits.

So, enjoy the benefits of exercising in the fresh air in your garden or outside space when you can and ensure you adhere to the strict 2m social distancing rule.

Let’s keep moving. This is a new, often unnerving and very fluid situation for us all to be in, so remember to care for those around you as well as for yourself.

We are in this together.