Behind the Scenes with our very own Bushcraft Specialist

Ian Purdey – Cumulus Bushcraft & Survival Specialist tells us how he prepares for Bushcraft Team Building in Dorset

After confirming the dates with the customer and getting it in the diary, I get right in to planning the minor details as it’s the detail that make the programmes more personal and relevant and it’s what makes the programme the best it can be and Cumulus different from other companies.

With the Team Building course, I run through the programme syllabus and consider what equipment is necessary, what equipment would be most entertaining for the group and how to structure the course from start to finish. After all, it is all about the group having a great time and sharing those experiences which binds them back at work. It wouldn’t be called ‘Team Building’ if it didn’t do what it said on the tin!

Most of the kit we will use is my own equipment which I maintain myself both before and after use. I’m a member of a local game merchant so I swing by theirs to pick up any game required and store it in my freezer (much to my partner’s surprise when she goes to get out the fish fingers!) and everything gets put in store ready for the course.

Having considered weather reports, instructor numbers, group members, where the customers are coming from and their personal details, I load up the kit and drive to the woods to meet them. I would have been back to the site prior to meeting the group to make sure everything is in place and ready for their arrival as I like to keep the aesthetics of the woods as natural as possible. Once that’s all done and I’ve done the quick safety brief, it’s time get them having some fun. They get straight in to a morning of ‘hands on’ survival skills and then they are let loose in groups to put their new skills to the test, armed with their ‘Bushcraft bags’ and all under the watchful eye of yours truly. They build a base camp, make shelters, filter and purify their own water, build fires, prepare the game, forage .. and the list goes on.

Bushcraft Camp


It’s great to see the end result of this course, in particular because you really see some individuals come out of their shell and their confidence grow. Again, making them more confident back in the work place, resulting in a better, more positive working environment. I take great pride in seeing this and in particular, helping someone tick something of their bucket list as well, like getting an ember with a fire friction set for example.

Once the course is done, it’s time for a group photo at their campsite. I give feedback to the group on how they did and clean up the site after they leave, take all the kit back home and give it all a spring clean ready for next time!

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