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Corporate and Social Responsibility

March 3rd, 2022

Our corporate and social responsibility policy sets out how we will support the local community.

As a responsible growing company, we recognise the importance of our effect on the immediate environment around us and that of all stakeholders; employees, partners, customers and the wider community, we also seek to support our local community wherever we can and society in general. This policy sets out the principles we follow to enable us to focus on the areas where we can have the greatest influence


Standards of conduct

We commit to conducting our business with openness and integrity, not making promises that we cannot deliver on. We will not offer, give, seek or receive, either directly or indirectly, inducements or other improper advantages for business or financial gain and no employee may offer, seek, give or receive any gift or payment which is, or could be, regarded as such.

Accountability and honesty

We communicate our policies and performance honestly and openly to our employees, we encourage them to communicate with us and will seek their views.


The business and its employees work within an environment of mutual trust and respect. This includes, but is not limited to, respect for colleagues, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Sustainable progress

We are committed to improving our performance, taking into account technical developments, changing scientific evidence, costs and customer concerns and expectations in the development and implementation of new social and environmental policies and procedures.

Demonstrable compliance

We meet or exceed all relevant legislation and where no legislation exists we seek to develop and implement our own appropriate standards


Investment in employees

Our employees are our greatest asset and we strive to be a responsible employer by creating an environment that gives employees the desire and ability to flourish and develop. Professional and personal development is key and we are keen to provide employees with the tools to succeed.

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We take all reasonable steps to manage our operations to minimise our environmental impact and to promote good environmental practice, striving to achieve high standards in energy efficiency and safety. We will continue to promote responsible and sustainable methods of energy efficiency and regularly review our practices and performance to discover how we can improve our energy efficiency, minimise packaging and reduce water usage, waste disposal and air emissions.


We conduct our business relationships with integrity and courtesy and are committed to offering our customers high standards of service. We recognise that both we and our customers have everything to gain if we look after your best interests in all aspects of our dealings with you. Our objective is to build long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

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We build relationships with our customers, suppliers and the local community and always consider our impact on the local community. Local suppliers we have supported have included Swanage Sea Fishing, Pierhead Watersports, Swanage Railway, Swanage Bakery, J J Moore Butchers and Swanage Dairy.

We are partners of The Jurassic Coast Trust which is an independent charity responsible for managing the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. We make a donation to the Trust for the young people we take down to Dancing Ledge to enjoy coasteering and rock climbing and abseiling to help to protect and preserve this unique coastline for all to enjoy.

We have participated within The Purbeck Heaths National Nature Reserve Partnership who have spent time working with a range of local businesses, community action groups, parish councils, elected members and graziers to understand the issues and opportunities for sustainable tourism for the Purbeck Heaths area.

We have supported the Department for Education’s HAF Programme, with funding support from the DfE we can offer fun activities and tasty meals free of charge to children who are eligible for benefit-related school meals.

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We are making an adventure activity prize donation to Children in Care’s annual EPIC Awards ceremony to be held in July 2022 to celebrate the young people in care and to reflect on their achievements. The children are awarded prizes to enjoy with their family/carer, many of the young people have experienced devastating trauma in their lives and this presents the opportunity to give them something they can enjoy.

When kit comes to the end of its serviceable life for our educational groups, we look to repurpose it elsewhere. In December 2021, we donated a large number of sleeping bags to Julian House, a charity that supports Vulnerable and at-risk individuals including the Homeless.


We promote equality and consider the interests of our employees including their welfare, mental health and health and safety. We strive to ensure our employees are happy in their work through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a progressive and successful business. All our employees and their families are enrolled into our employee welfare programme

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