A ‘nature hour’ should be part of the school curriculum every day, say the Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trust are calling for every child in the UK to spend one hour outside in nature each day as part of the school curriculum. This follows a study which described how outdoor play has major benefits for the development of young people (Countryliving.com 7 November 2019)

Research commissioned by the Wildlife Trusts represented one of the largest ever studies looking into the effects of regular outdoor activities on children’s wellbeing, using a group of over 450 children aged 8 or 9 years. The children’s wellbeing dramatically increased after they had spent time outdoors, gaining not just additional social benefits but also demonstrating high levels of creativity and enjoyment

‘Nature hour’ benefits

The study also established that being outdoors helped in many other ways, including:

  • The children showed an increase in their personal wellbeing and health over time
  • 90% of children felt they learned something new about the natural world
  • 79% felt that their experience could help their school work
  • 81% agreed they had better relationships with their teachers
  • 79% reported stronger bonds with other children in their class
  • After the activities, 84% of children felt that they were capable of doing new things when they tried

The Wildlife Trusts’ director of strategy, Nigel Doar, said “This research shows that children experience profound and diverse benefits through regular contact with nature. Contact with the wild improves children’s wellbeing, motivation and confidence. The data also highlights how children’s experiences in and around the natural world led to better relationships with their teachers and class-mates.”

Spending time in nature with Cumulus Outdoors

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