New Bushcraft Experiences in Dorset

Cumulus has introduced a selection of exciting new Bushcraft programmes for 2017 led by our Bushcraft & Survival Specialist. So whether you just want to learn the basics, enjoy a family bonding experience or challenge your team or group in a team build session, let us know.

Survival 101 (1 Day)

This activity day is great for everyone and anyone at any age level and provides a starting platform on your journey in to wilderness living skills and bushcraft.

Family Bonding (1 Day)

This 1 day course is designed to bring families close together through outdoor games, tasks and goals. As well as being educational and fun, families have the chance to enjoy each other’s company in an outdoor environment, learn new skills, explore the wilderness, laugh and bond together.

Fire Lighting Workshop (1 day)

Ever wondered if you can start a fire rubbing sticks together? Watched Cast Away and wondered how he did it? Well now is your chance to find out! This 1 day course is designed to give you the information and knowledge of how to start a fire come rain or shine.

Team Building (1.5 days)

Teams and groups are put through a school of tuition by the on-site instructor/s for the first half of the day. After learning about the principals of survival, teams are dispatched to put their news skills to the test by setting up camp. Preparing their own food, building their own shelter, filtering and purifying their own water and starting their own fires.

Survival Weekend (Friday– Sunday)

This weekend activity course is one of our most popular courses and we attribute this to the timeframe our customers get to learn their new skills and put them to the test. You’ll get the chance to occupy your own constructed shelter for a night or use one of our hammocks, cook up freshly prepared game, learn all about fire and its uses, tool safety, foraging, play games and even have the chance to come away with your own bow drill set for fire by friction.

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Bushcraft experiences in Dorset

Why Cumulus Bushcraft?

  • Everything taught is something tried and tested personally by the instructors, rather than ‘parroted’ information from the internet
  • An aftercare service is provided and the instructors are happy to answer any follow-up questions
  • Instructors are certified to teach all aspects on any course syllabus
  • Instructors are passionate about providing the best experience and can tailor sessions to suit any age range, providing excellent value for money

“I became infatuated with the outside environment at a young age and the bounty of knowledge I could gain from it. I enjoyed being outside so much that I joined the Royal Marines in 2011 and have remained as a reservist ever since. However, my route in to the industry of bushcraft and survival began about the same time after leading navigational walks with map and compass. For me it was practise, for them it was a nice day trip to the woods. Soon after this though, the trips became navigational walks with minimal equipment and overnighters as a challenge. This meant having to try and live off the land, build shelters and catch food. Needless to say, in the beginning I learnt a LOT of ways how not to do some things but by doing it this way, it meant that I could perfect my methods over time using trial and error. I studied hard in my free time, practised anywhere I could to get the results I wanted. After all ‘Survival’ is about persistence.

As my passion to pursue this as a career grew, this brought on the drive to take up the role of an instructor and I sought out where I could achieve accreditations for this. The Level 4 Instructor’s course as accredited by the NCFE was my route in and through the multitude of courses I attended to obtain this, I began surrounding myself with likeminded individuals whilst I trained further and also travelled to remote areas of the world to learn some indigenous ways.”

Ian Purdey – Bushcraft & Survival Specialist


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