Our new Residential Centre in rhyme

Ode to the Cumulus Outdoors Residential Centre

When we arrived on site there was much work to be done

Much to clear, repair and sort before the kids could have their fun

We landscaped the grounds, cut bushes, grass and pruned trees

The winter work was hard and wet and bought some to their knees


We re-built the office, renovated and painted the buildings and sheds

We deep cleaned the kitchen, dining room and the dorms and added new beds

The perimeter and other fencing has been repaired and replaced

With much of the material re-cycled so nothing went to waste


All the electrics and water systems have been bought up to date

Some things took a little longer, but it was well worth the wait

The new signage was ordered and fixed in position

It really has been quite a transition


Now our plans have been thwarted by Covid-19

And at the moment there’s space where children should have been

Enjoying all kinds of activities and adventures on and off-site

Like coasteering, bushcraft, kayaking and scaling new heights


But when the time is right we’ll be ready, willing and able

To bring adventure, discovery and fun to your residential planning table

So be sure to let us know when you’re deciding your next residential venture

We’ll show you fabulous tented locations and our recently renovated hard-top centre

Aerial view of the campsite on the shores of Poole Harbour