Progressive Wood, Coast, Mountain and River School Residentials are a winner

Hatherop Castle School, is a successful and thriving Cotswold school with excellent links with the parents and the community. The recent ISI inspection rated the school as ‘Excellent’ in all 9 areas of school life.

The Challenge

Hatherop Castle School aims to teach independence and self-motivation, providing children with a firm foundation for the future while offering a wide range of challenging situations and experiences which stimulate and motivate, making education enjoyable and enriching.

The school was therefore seeking a comprehensive outdoor residential programme that could satisfy these aims, moving each school year progressively through enjoyable, stimulating and increasingly challenging outdoor adventure experiences.

The Solution

Cumulus devised progressive residential programmes for school years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. These programmes are themed and include Woodland, Coast, Mountain and River with the adventure activity schedules reflecting the varying level of challenges appropriate to that specific year group.

“The flexibility of the programme and the instructors allow for the children to further enhance their skills and be given additional roles and responsibilities, which might allow them to lead, navigate or help make decisions.”

The school residential programmes:

Year 3: Cumulus Wood – 1 Day

  • Introduction to the big four (fire, food, shelter and water)
  • Fire making practical
  • Cook lunch in groups over an open fire pit
  • Introduction to camouflage
  • Camouflage practical


Year 4: Cumulus Wood – 2 Day*

  • Re-introduction to the big four
  • Water sourcing and trapping demonstration and practical
  • Introduction to shelter
  • Demonstration and practical of different shelter methods, hammocks, natural material and tents.
  • Construction of the night camp
  • Preparation and cooking of evening meal
  • Evening activities
  • Evening routine and bed
  • Breakfast and strike camp


Year 5: Cumulus Wood – 3 Day*

  • Monday – Arrival and Fire Workshop
  • Tuesday – Trapping and Water Workshop, Mini Expedition walk to Bushcraft Site and stay in Hennessy Hammocks
  • Wednesday – Shelter Building, Climbing & Abseiling
  • Thursday – Pack down camp, Beach BBQ & Games


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Year 6: Cumulus Coast – 5 Day*

  • Monday – Arrival, Team Games
  • Tuesday – Coasteering
  • Wednesday – Kayaking, Mackerel Fishing
  • Thursday – Climbing, Bushcraft
  • Friday – Pack down camp, Beach BBQ & Games

*The Cumulus coastal camp, with 24 hour on-site pastoral care, is set in the heart of stunning woodland next to Poole Harbour, where traditional tipis provide beautiful yet practical accommodation for students and teachers. All meals are cooked on camp using plenty of fresh ingredients. The campsite also boasts a large communal tipi with a central fire pit, a fully equipped kitchen with a generator for charging phones and laptops etc.


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Year 7: Cumulus Mountain – 5 Day

  • Monday – Arrive Llyn Gwynant Campsite and Barns, Games
  • Tuesday – Climbing & Surf Snowdonia
  • Wednesday – Snowdon Ascent
  • Thursday – Gorge Scramble, Beach Activities
  • Friday – Pack up, BBQ

“We took a group of students to Snowdonia for their mountain camp residential and we had an amazing week! The choice of activities was excellent, the quality of the instructors was exceptional and the amount the children got out of the trip was just brilliant! You could really see their sense of achievement and enjoyment as they succeeded at every activity undertaken. Thank you for an amazing week!”


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Year 8: Cumulus River

Paddling down the River Wye in Wales, camping over 4 nights, travelling up to 20km each day on moving water, including map and compass training.

  • Monday – 12.30 start with half day paddle to first campsite
  • Tuesday – Paddle 16km to next campsite
  • Wednesday – Paddle 18km to next campsite
  • Thursday Night – Paddle 16km to next campsite
  • Friday – Paddle 12km to finish


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The Result

Now in their third year with Cumulus, the Hatherop teacher reaction and student experience, enjoyment and sense of achievement has surpassed all expectations.

“Excellent group leader; very professional, helpful and brilliant with the students. The variety of activities during the week was great and really enjoyed by everyone. All campsite staff to management and activity staff are all extremely helpful, brilliant with the students and clearly love their jobs which makes all a very positive experience. Thank you!”

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