Tag Archery for Schools

Tag archery school trips

Tag archery is a fun filled team game that can be enjoyed during a residential school trip at Cumulus Outdoors. It’s a great way to burn off some energy, improve fitness and strengthen bonds between pupils as they work together to complete various challenges and defeat the other team. Tag archery for schools is a safe combat game, which is incredibly popular with visitors to our residential centre or tented village. It is a hybrid of archery, dodgeball and paintball and a firm favourite among older secondary school children and NCS groups.

tag archery for schools

What is tag archery?

During tag archery sessions students endeavour to ‘tag’ members of the opposing team by shooting them with foam tipped arrows. The game is completely safe and managed in a structured environment with all necessary safety precautions in place, including full face masks. Unlike paintball, which the game is often compared to, tag archery is painless and mess free! Before the team games begin, students will be given time to familiarise themselves with the bow and arrows and will be taught to use them properly by the Cumulus Crew. They can practice their aim on fixed targets before progressing to the team aspect of the sport.

Our experienced instructors will give the groups various games and missions to complete, which require young people to work together as a team to complete the shared goal. The activity takes place within a marked field with plenty of obstacles to manoeuvre around and hide behind. Obstacles include inflatable pillars, oil drums and crate walls.

students playing tag archery from a distance

Learning outcomes

In addition to boundless fun and laughter on the tag archery site, this ultimate team sport promotes teamwork, self-confidence, communication, leadership, fitness and tactical thinking. These skills aid children’s interpersonal development, which can be built upon on return to the classroom.

Leadership & communication skills

Students can lead their team to victory during tag archery sessions, beating opponents in mini-games like Capture the Flag. Good leadership requires excellent communication, so young people will learn to issue clear instructions and voice their plans to the rest of the group.

Team building & tactical thinking

Tag archery is a team sport so all players must play an active role in order for the group to succeed. Prior to the games starting they can decide upon their strategy and assign various roles to different members within the group. The key to winning the challenges is tactical thinking, so students will need to assess how best to plan their attack and utilise the space and obstacles to their advantage.