Step out of the Office with a Bushcraft Team Building Experience

Spending time in the woods makes people happy. In fact it’s a proven scientific fact!

We also know that cohesion amongst groups is cemented through experiences shared. So, the next time you’re planning a team building session, rather than TGI on a Thursday or Friday evening, come and sit round the campfire with your team instead!

Get in touch and book your Bushcraft Team Building experience today!

How it Works

Teams and groups are put through a school of tuition by our experienced Bushcraft instructor/s for approximately half a day. After learning the essentials of survival, teams are let loose to put their news skills to the test.

Preparing their own food together, building their own shelter, foraging, starting a fire, teams must work as a unit to improve their chances of survival and then finish with an axe throwing competition!

The winning group is of course rewarded but for the losers… let’s just say that a bush tucker trial-like forfeit could be in store!

Team Building Benefits

Team building events have always been used as a means of binding and unifying teams to produce a happy and contented work environment but it is hard to achieve if it’s all work and no play. Stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time brings out a new side of people, maybe a side that you didn’t even realise your colleagues had.

As a result, you get to know those colleagues more intimately, you find common ground, you enjoy working together and it can lead to a long-lasting friendship with someone you least expected. Set in our exclusive woodland site on the Isle of Purbeck near Corfe Castle and Swanage. The Bushcraft Team Building days are intricately designed to have that effect.

Your Instructor: Ian Purdey, Bushcraft & Survival Specialist

Ian Purdey revelled in the outdoors from a young age and the bounty of knowledge he could gain from it, enjoying this environment so much he joined the Royal Marines in 2011 and has remained as a reservist ever since.

As his passion to pursue this as a career grew, it brought on the drive to take up the role of an instructor. The NCFE Level 4 Instructor’s course was his route in and, through the multitude of courses he attended to obtain this, he travelled to remote areas of the world to learn some indigenous ways.

The result being a Bushcraft experience led by someone with a genuine passion for what he does.