5 life skills children can expect to learn during a school residential trip

Cumulus Coast adventure is the perfect choice for a school trip or leavers’ camp. Our 3, 4 and 5-day programmes are fun, educational and encourage students to explore the outdoors. School residential trips offer students the opportunity to learn away from the classroom and develop a number of skills that will help them throughout later life.

  1. Problem Solving – Our programmes are tailored to inspire students to work together to meet and overcome challenges. Activities such as designing the ultimate survival shelter using only material found within nature and raft building encourage teamwork and forward thinking.
  2. Going above and beyond the ‘comfort zone’– We always learn the most when we’re pushing ourselves in the ‘optimal performance/stretch zone’. Here, students can discover and experience what they’re truly capable of achieving, under the watchful eye of experienced and qualified Cumulus instructors and our ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos.
  3. Appreciation and respect for the natural coastal environment – Students will learn the perils of the sea while revelling in exciting and exhilarating activities within it. We provide the fun and the facts to help students stay safe around the water without compromising on the enjoyment of the adventure. Our beach safety sessions, RNLI visits and seaside fishing trips in Swanage all assist in achieving this objective.
  4. Resilience – Jumping off a rocky ledge into the sea can be a daunting challenge for anyone. Students are presented with a range of fun challenges to overcome, fully supported by our ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos.
  5. Paracord Survival Bracelet– Students learn how to make a paracord survival bracelet, which they can wear for any future adventures. Four meters of paracord that can take your weight, save someone from the waters edge or even tie an important raft together to escape from an island!

Life skills to take away and memories to last a lifetime!