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Challenge by Choice – A friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere

July 11th, 2017

Whether your group is involved in Coasteering or Climbing & Abseiling, or Ropes Course, Cumulus encourages an atmosphere of Challenge by Choice. Challenge by Choice is a concept in which participants are empowered to decide for themselves how they will participate in an activity. The group leader will respect the right of anyone to choose how they meet their challenge.

The Cumulus ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos asks participants to challenge themselves while having fun and participating fully in the adventure experience. We understand that any adventure activity may pose a different level and type of challenge for each member of the group and that real personal challenge comes from within.

‘Challenge by Choice’ simply creates an environment where participants are asked to search for opportunities to stretch themselves to grow during the experience.

We hope that when you accept ‘Challenge by Choice’ it will encourage you to respect thoughtful choices. It provides a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere where participants can stretch themselves while creating opportunities for learning about how to set goals that are not necessarily in your comfort or panic zone, but in that slightly uncomfortable stretch zone where the greatest opportunities for growth and learning lie. While the specific language may change to match the unique needs of a group, the ethos always remains the same.

Experience ‘Challenge by Choice’ with Coasteering .. the awesome summer adventure!

Coasteering is one of the best ways to explore and enjoy the stunning Jurassic coastline, exciting and exhilarating. Challenge yourself with one awesome adventure…


  • We always have two Professional Coasteering guides in the water with Peterson tubes for your excitement and safety
  • The only provider with private parking, toilet and dedicated change facility
  • 25 years experience in the outdoors

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