Escape everyday stress and spend time with family and friends

A report published by Barclays earlier this year suggests that visitors from across the UK and further afield are expecting more from their holidays. One of the key trends shows an increase in demand for experience-led breaks, that allow people to escape stress and spend time with friends and family.

(Source: Destination UK – Tourism Report 2017; Driving growth in the UK hospitality and leisure sector)

Staycation in the UK

The new face of the ‘staycation’ results from the survey of more than 2,000 UK holidaymakers showing that 54% of adults who choose to holiday in the UK do so as a result of their own choice, while also taking into account practicalities such as time and cost. 35%, however, cite no barriers to them taking holidays overseas but simply choose to remain in the UK.

The south west of England is the most popular region for domestic holidaymakers, with 30% planning a visit there.

We all lead increasingly busy lives, trying to juggle the competing and growing demands of work and family life. As a result, many of us view staycations within the UK such as caravan holidays as a chance to escape the pressures of daily life and spend quality time with loved ones. When asked about the features that are important in leisure time, 82% of respondents rated escapism/distraction as an important motivator, closely followed by the opportunity to spend time with family (80%). These were followed by the chance to spend time with friends (66%), the opportunity to pursue an interest or take part in something educational (58%), and health and fitness activities (48%).

There is also a high demand for experience-led breaks that allow families to spend quality time together while exploring new places, learning new skills, playing sports or enjoying some relaxation.

Escape stress with Cumulus Outdoors

So, if you’re part of the 82% of people who rate escapism/distraction as an important motivator and want to spend some exciting time with friends and family, make sure you build in an exhilarating adventure activity as part of your UK holiday plans. Based on the Jurassic Coast in the popular south west, Cumulus Outdoors offer activities, including Coasteering, Climbing  and Kayaking!

Climbing & abseiling