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Mackerel Fishing Trips for Schools

Enjoy a mackerel fishing boat trip in Swanage Bay as part of an adventure activity school trip in Dorset. Fishing can be included in our bespoke activity programmes from both the Cumulus Outdoors Residential Centre and our coastal tented villages.

Boat fishing trip in Swanage

Boat fishing is a fantastic activity for school and youth groups to try during their trip to the South coast. Not only will students have the opportunity to learn a new and useful skill, but they will experience the beauty of our coastline from a unique perspective.


  • Fish for mackerel from a boat in Swanage Bay
  • Learn about the importance of sustainability
  • Cook up your catch to eat and the end of the day

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Learn how to fish

During the mackerel fishing trip students will learn how to use a fishing rod and line and safely unhook fish. They will receive assistance from the skipper and crew, who will ensure they successfully master the technique and know how to use all equipment needed.

Young people will be taught water safety and the importance of sustainability. Within the fishing sessions we like to foster friendly competition and challenge the students to catch the best and biggest fish!

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Learning outcomes

Our fishing trips are great fun and an enjoyable experience for students to try as part of our school and youth residential school trips. During the mackerel fishing sessions students will learn a variety of new skills and enhance their knowledge on issues surrounding sustainability and environmental awareness. We sometimes find that this introduction to fishing is the start of a new found hobby!

  • Environmental awareness

    For our mackerel fishing boat trips we team up with local charter boats in Swanage. The skippers have excellent knowledge of local marine life and work as volunteers for the RNLI Lifeboat service. With this expertise, the students will learn about the coastal environment as well the different species that inhabit our local waters.

    Fishing also teaches students the importance of eating local and knowing where your food is from. If successful we always keep what we catch and cook it up for dinner when back at camp or to centre!

  • Confidence

    With a boat full of eager students, we often witness students brimming with pride when they catch the first fish. This is a huge confidence boost that often encourages quieter students to pass on hints and tips to help others in the group who may not have caught as much.

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Mackerel Fishing FAQs

Where can I find your mackerel fishing trips certificates?

If you would like to see all information about mackerel fishing trips, including risk assessments, policies, emergency procedures, insurance and affiliation certification, please ask. You will be sent a link to our website with a password to access and download as much as you need.

Are you insured for mackerel fishing trips?

Yes, however, mackerel fishing trips are run by the Swanage Angling. Should you require their documentation, please let us know.

What happens if there is bad weather before the mackerel fishing trip?

If the wind or swell is too strong for the boats to go out on a mackerel fishing trip, we will let you know at least 2 days in advance to arrange something land-based, such as fishing off the pier. We will always do our best to deliver the activities as per the agreed programme.

What is the instructor to participant ratio for mackerel fishing trips?

8 students plus 1 teacher per boat. Up to two boats available at one time.

What kit do students need to bring mackerel fishing?

Clothing and footwear suitable for the outdoors are a good choice for mackerel fishing trips. A full set of waterproofs. A rucksack with an extra layer, snacks, something to drink and any personal medication.

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