Some things you can’t learn in the classroom…

Trying to encourage any class to get out and experience the great outdoors can be a bit of a challenge. Their outdoor experience is often limited to moving between the car and the school gates or perhaps the town centre. However, once persuaded that the outdoors holds nothing to be fearful of, they soon come to realise that they can explore and enjoy areas of learning which are simply not achievable within the confines of a classroom.

Today children have largely been brought up in a more risk averse environment than any previous generation, with parents seeking to protect them from any risk, physical or otherwise. Therefore, when a challenge has to be overcome, many of them haven’t the experience of coping and therefore either do nothing or make the wrong decision. Activities like Coasteering or climbing/abseiling help them to assess risk and make good decisions in a safe, instructor led environment.

We also often hear schools being blamed for rising obesity levels, but unlike the PE lesson it’s much more difficult to avoid activity in the outdoors! Typically a coasteering session will last a couple of hours with the pupils working together through the session in the stunning surroundings of the Jurassic Coast.

Kayaking Fun

In today’s crowded online ‘Social’ environment, true social interaction is also increasingly being recognised as an issue. With outdoor school residential trips pupils get the opportunity to ‘down phones’, gather around a camp fire at the end of the day and share the experiences and stories of the day. Be it Coasteering, climbing/abseiling. kayaking, mountain biking or ropes course for example. Sleep deficiency is also recognised as a growing problem amongst the young, very rarely escaping the ‘messaging’ culture. Outside the air is fresh and invigorating and at the end of the day sleep becomes less stressful and a lot easier, with dreams coloured by fun and achievement.