What is Bushcraft?

The indoor generation often ask us ‘what is Bushcraft’, so we turned to our Bushcraft specialist Ian for his answer. Ian became infatuated with the outside environment at a young age and the bounty of knowledge he could gain from it. He enjoyed being outside so much that he joined the Royal Marines in 2011 and has remained a reservist ever since.

“Bushcraft can be described as the physical practice behind any and all aspects of living in the wilderness. That being said, most of us don’t live in the woods do we!? So why is Bushcraft still relevant and still practised across the globe then? Well, stripped of society’s luxuries, we’re all hardwired to our daily instincts of seeking shelter, fire, water and food and most of us in modern society would agree to having an inner desire to know if they truly can ‘live off the land’. All it takes is to learn the basics of bushcraft and a whole new way of living and thinking becomes open to you.”

Cumulus Outdoors run a variety of bushcraft sessions from our base on the Purbeck Coast. There are  numerous survival skills to be learned, which can be beneficial for all ages. Our bushcraft sessions are a fantastic activity for school and youth groups to try during a stay in Dorset.

The benefits of a Cumulus Bushcraft session:

  • Everything taught is something tried and tested personally by the instructors, instead of being parroted information on the internet
  • An aftercare service is provided and instructors are happy to answer any follow up questions
  • Instructors are certified to teach all aspects on any course syllabus
  • Instructors are passionate about providing the best experience and can tailor lesson to suit any age range

Great day out!

“Fantastic day out learning lots of new skills whilst having fun and spending time with the family. Beautiful and relaxing setting for a great day out whatever the weather. Learning about camp structures, how to fillet a fish, how to start a camp fire and foraging for safe foods to eat, whilst drinking plenty of tea and coffee”