Bushcraft for Schools

Bushcraft school trips in Dorset

Enjoy a bushcraft and survival skills session with Cumulus Outdoors during a residential trip in Dorset. From our woodland site in the Isle of Purbeck, we teach school and youth groups a range of techniques needed to survive and thrive in the great outdoors.

During our bushcraft sessions for schools, students will have the chance to build a protective shelter in the woods. They will collect natural materials from their surroundings, including leaves and branches to craft a comfortable base to shield them from the elements.

Over the course of the day, young people will discover the many different ways to start a fire using both natural and manmade materials. Alongside our experienced instructor, Ian students will learn how to set up traps and snares and also forage for food. He will teach students various methods of plant identification and help them decipher what they can eat safely in the wild. Depending on the type of bushcraft session you opt for for your school or youth group, young people may also learn how to prepare game and cook their dinner over the open camp fire.

bushcraft session in isle of purbeck woodland instructor


Learning outcomes

Young people are becoming increasingly reliant on technology and indoor forms of entertainment. Our bushcraft for schools sessions seek to instil a love and respect of nature and encourage children to spend more time engaging with their natural surroundings. Our expert bushcraft guide helps educate participants on a range of survival techniques, which may come in useful in other situations. We also aim to build upon broader skill sets such as resilience during this activity.

Environmental awareness

Bushcraft is a fun experiences that improves children’s environmental awareness. They will learn more about the world around them and what can be found in the woods. We promote the leave no trace ethos and talk about topics such as preservation and conservation.

Survival Skills and safety

During our sessions, bushcraft participants will learn a range of basic survival techniques, that are both interesting and useful. We will also talk about fire safety principles, including the fire triangle.


Many bush craft skills take years to perfect. This activity involves sticking at it and not giving up, even when it gets hard.