Coasteering for Schools

Coasteering school trips in Dorset

What does coasteering involve?

Coasteering in Dorset is undoubtedly one of the best ways to explore the Jurassic Coastline. During our school coasteering sessions, groups have the chance to scramble over rocky outcrops, climb low level rock formations, explore sea caves and experiencing the thrill of jumping from cliffs into the sea. This is a high energy activity, which rewards students with a sense of accomplishment as they navigate the rocky terrain and push the boundaries of their comfort zone.

All of our sessions are lead by our team of highly trained and experienced instructors, who work with students to overcome their fears and try new things. We operate a strict ‘challenge by choice‘ ethos, which encourages young people to set their own boundaries and choose the height from which they want to jump. Students will never be forced to do anything they are not comfortable with and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with young people to accomplish their own personal challenges.

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Coasteering is often students favourite outdoor adventure activity during their school residential trip in Dorset. We love nothing more than watching school and youth groups thrive as they embrace this activity and challenge themselves to try new things, which they previously may have thought impossible.

Primary and secondary schools

One of the best things about choosing this fun-filled outdoor activity for your school adventure trip is that it can be adapted to suit the needs of each group. This means that we’re able able to offer coasteering trips for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 as well as college and university groups.

Coasteering learning outcomes

As well as being a fun adventure activity where children can discover the coastline in a safe and managed way, there are a number of learning outcomes that can be taken from a coasteering session with Cumulus Outdoors. These learning outcomes can be built upon and support work within the classroom.


Coasteering takes place at Dancing Ledge, which forms part of the Jurassic Coast – Englands only natural World Heritage Site. The site was once a former Portland Stone quarry and an important part of the Isle of Purbeck’s cultural heritage. On the 20 minute walk to the coasteering site our instructors will give a brief overview of this picturesque part of the Dorset coastline. Student’s will get the chance to see caves, ledges, quarries and both man-made and natural coastal features.

Environmental Awareness

Student’s will learn about the ocean environment and see real life examples of how climate change is affecting the local area. We try to teach cool facts about the different wildlife that calls the Dorset coast home and give an overview of how we impact the environment. We care deeply about our natural surroundings and encourage students to treat the beauty spot in a responsible and respectful way. ‘Leave nothing but footprints’ is our motto when exploring the Dorset coast and countryside.

Communication & confidence

Good verbal communication skills are essential in order to deliver and understand instructions quickly and accurately. Being able to communicate effectively is an important life skill, which many students develop during their time at our residential centre or tented villages. Team work plays a vital role in our coasteering sessions. We encourage student’s to support each other as they overcome personal challenges. More often than not we see children’s confidence grow throughout the session and it’s always humbling to see the positive peer support that the young people give each other.


Due to the very nature of this outdoor adventure activity, students are required to use motor skills such as balance and coordination.

Stretch zone

The stretch zone lies just outside of your secure environment. It’s possible for students to slowly expand their comfort zone by becoming familiar with more things. When students step out of their comfort zone, stretch, return to the comfort zone, and reflect and apply, what was once a stretch activity becomes a comfort activity in the future.

Water safety

Coasteering is a great introduction to the water and we teach children how to enjoy the sea sensibly and the dangers to look out for. This cover’s things such as paying attention to the tide times, being prepared and knowing your limits.

Safety first

At Cumulus Outdoors the safety of our coasteering participants is paramount and we go above and beyond to ensure we meet and in most cases exceed the required health and safety standards. All participants will receive a thorough safety briefing before the activity takes place and are issued the very best equipment. This includes 5mm wetsuits, buoyancy aid and helmet to use during their time in the water.