Why School and Youth groups love the Jurassic Coast

Is Dorset the real ‘Jurassic Park’? Well it is renowned for being one of the richest heritage sites for prehistoric remains where you could find your very own piece of dinosaur, or even discover a new species! The Jurassic Coast is England’s first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranks among the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as one of the wonders of the natural world.

Dorset's Jurassic Coast
Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

So is this what schools seek when they set out to plan their summer trips? Or is it the traditional ice creams to be savoured and the beaches to be explored with the teachers also perhaps enjoying a sneaky glass of Tyrannosaurus Red (yes it does exist!)?

Well, while it’s certainly a combination of all these things… today more than ever, schools strive to encourage children to become independent and creative, aiming for standards of excellence in all that they do. Self-esteem and confidence are inextricably linked with academic progress and they aim to teach children resilience in a fast-changing world.

Outdoor adventure activity programmes

As a consequence, schools are increasingly turning to outdoor adventure residential programmes to heighten self-esteem and confidence through fun, stimulating and challenging outdoor adventure experiences. Where better to experience all this than the stunning Jurassic coastline?

Within the Isle of Purbeck there is an ever increasing range of fun, adventure activities to be enjoyed, from coasteering to climbing and kayaking to mackerel fishing, fabulous experiences that create lifetime memories.

Cumulus Coast

As an example, Cumulus Outdoors provide a coastal camp set in the heart of stunning woodland next to Poole Harbour. Traditional tipis provide beautiful yet practical accommodation for students and teachers. All meals are cooked at camp using fresh ingredients and the camp features a large communal tipi and central fire pit, a fully equipped kitchen plus 24 hour on-site pastoral care.

If camping isn’t ‘your thing’, we also have a hard-top residential centre situated on the outskirts of Swanage. Here you can enjoy an action packed schedule of outdoor activities and comfortable dormitory style accommodation.

A choice of 3, 4 or 5 day adventure residential programmes are available with the programmes tailored to match your needs and budget. As a business partner of the Jurassic Coast Trust Cumulus also offer bespoke educational sessions to incorporate added depth to the programme of activities, provided by the Jurassic Coast Trust team of specialist ambassadors.

Cumulus Coastal Camp Residential
Ariel View of Coastal Camp

It’s plain to see why schools and youth groups love the Jurassic Coast – providing, as it does, the opportunity to learn both from the past and the present with all the exciting places to explore and adventure activities to be experienced.

School Residentials in Dorset
Coastal Camp