Outdoor Adventure Activities and Learning Outcomes

There are a range of adventure activities on offer at Cumulus Outdoors as part of our residential trips or our activity day trip options. Our exciting outdoor adventure activities for schools take place at some of Dorset’s most iconic coastal locations and offer the unique opportunity to explore the picturesque Jurassic Coastline, whilst trying something new.

Under the expert guidance of our highly qualified instructors, students can participate in a host of outdoor activities each with their own specific set of learning outcomes and objectives:

coasteering, kayaking, climbing, bushcraft, paddlesports, mackerel fishing, tag archery, ropes course, archery/rifles

Sessions are tailored to the needs and abilities of each school group and our team members work hard to engage students in fun and innovative ways. However, these sessions are not just fun, they impart important learning outcomes to enhance new and pre-existing abilities and you can mix and match favoured activities to achieve your preferred outcomes.

Our adventure activities are designed to provide:

Self confidence

Overcome fears, face new challenges and push yourself to reach new heights. Our ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos means you’ll only ever attempt something you’re comfortable with.

Physical education

Regular physical activity can help children improve fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and reduce the risk of developing health conditions.

Team work

All of our activities are designed to encourage groups to work together and develop communication skills, trust and leadership skills.

New skills and hobbies

Have a go at new activities which may not be a part of normal everyday life. Learning new skills can help young people to realise their potential, improving confidence and self-esteem.


Our ‘challenge by choice’ ethos encourages young people to push the boundaries and move beyond their comfort zone. We work hard to bolster self-confidence and instil feelings of self-belief, so that students leave our school residential having conquered their fears and ready to tackle new challenges with ease.

The adventure activities on offer at Cumulus Outdoors compliment school-based learning and can help improve leadership, team work and encourage quieter students to come out of their shell. Through participation in our activity programme, we aim to offer school children unforgettable experiences and help foster a love of the great outdoors.


 Activity locations

Both our residential centre and tented village boast idyllic locations, with views over Swanage Bay and Poole Harbour. Thanks to our enviable coastal location, we are able to offer exciting outdoor activities and water sports set against the backdrop of the stunning Jurassic Coast.

A number of activities take place in the grounds of the Cumulus Outdoor Residential Centre, whereas some activities require us to move off site.

  • Jurassic Coast Climbing & coasteering
  • Springfield Lake for Kayaking, Canoeing & Raft Racing, Paddleboarding,
  • Pumpground for Tag Archery and Ropes Course
  • Bushcraft site or onsite locations
  • Swanage Bay for mackerel fishing


Please get in touch to speak with one of the friendly Cumulus Crew to find out more about our outdoor adventure activities for schools.